So it’s mid of summer and the Sun is always on top of our head. The temperature is not showing us any chance of going down soon and hope of seeing drops of rain is like waiting all my life to get have six pack abs.

Summer looks good only in winters, when we see all those colorful pictures on Internet and people telling how much they wait for summers. But summer’s never turn out as pleasant as much as we see in those pictures.

Besides summer not being so pleasant, it also takes a big toll on our bodies too. Our body is made up of around 50-60% of water. So isn’t it obvious that during the summer heat, our body starts drying up and that’s call dehydration.

What is Dehydration and how does it affects in summers ?

Dehydration is basically when our body loses a huge amount of liquids from the human body along with the essential salts and body minerals. This is a very serious issue for a living body and is also one of the major reason of loss of living beings during summers.

Dehydration effects more during the summers. The body not just loses the liquid but also fails to recover the liquid that the body has lost. When body sweats during summer due to the rise of external temperature is a major cause of liquid loss from the body.

What to Do and What not to Do ?

So how to we keep ourselves safe from our body getting dehydrated. The first thought in everyone’s mind is to drink lots and lots water. But there is much more to keeping ourselves safe from dehydrating then just drinking water.  I have described the do’s and the don’t to keep ourselves safe during the summer.

Let’s talk about what you should not be doing this summer too save yourself :

  • Avoid any food or liquid intake that increases the production of Urine in your body. The more our body urinates, the more salt’s and minerals we lose. Products like cola, chocolate , caffeine are a major things to be avoided.
  • Avoid Spicy food as it helps in increasing our internal body temperature and hence the body would sweat, resulting in loss of liquid from one’s body.
  • Avoid heavy physical activity, specially during the day time, when the temperature is at it’s peak. Heavy physical activities of any kind makes our body sweat the most which could be too dangerous during the summers.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption. It dehydrates the cells lining your throat and stomach. It also affects the liver cells and can lead to sever dehydration.

So these are the few things that you should avoid which would help you a lot. Now further let’s talk about what small things that we should do that would make great effects on our body.

  • Firstly, DRINK LOT’S OF WATER. The easiest way to keep ones body hydrated all the time. You just need to carry a bottle of water with yourselves all the time and keep drinking it at regular intervals.
  • Wear light clothes and loose fitting clothes.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Eat food with High Potassium like  bananas, pineapples, sweet potatoes, coconut water and mangoes.


Keeping ourselves hydrated is a not a very difficult task and taking small precautions in our daily habits would help us stay cool during the summers. Avoiding this would might not give you instant results but slowly this does make a big effect on your body.




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